Kapitan Sknera Czy uda Ci się zagarnąć najcenniejsze skarby i stać się Kapitanem Sknerą?!
Taste of Poland Hungry for FUN? Try our delicious CARD GAME!
WITKACY Play well your connoisseur part - collect all of Witkacy's art!
AMBER ROUTE Gather the guards, protect ambers and try to get to the destination point as fast as you can!
BLACK & WHITE Accept the challenge and play this dynamic war game!


8+ years 2-4 people 20-30 min
Author: Maciej Poleszak, Michał Szewczyk
Illustrator: Roman Kucharski

The players impersonate art restorers who search for the reproductions of Witkacy's paintings and try to reconstruct as many of them as possible. To reconstruct the copies of the artwork, the players will have to look for the appropriate fragments of paintings and put them together. At the end of the game, when all the sources have been searched thoroughly, the player with the highest number of the most popular reproductions restored becomes the winner.

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Box sizes:20x20x7 cm
Content of the box
- 55 cards
- 20 tokens
- 1 Rulebook
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